Vulvodynia, or pubic pain

Vulvodynia, or pubic pain

Vulvodynia is a chronic feeling of pubic discomfort and pain, without any visible or laboratorical indicators of infections or other skin diseases.

What are the symptoms of vulvodynia?

During vulvodynia, a burning pain is typical, which can either be within a smaller section, or more expansively on the pubic area.

There are two types of vulvodynia:

  • Pain of the entire pubic area
  • Pain of just the outside of the vagina

If you experience such symptoms, visit our specialists, to receive professional treatment.

Diagnosing vulvodynia

Diagnosis of vulvodynia is based on exclusion: all other clinical entities which can cause similar symptoms need to be excluded (such as infections, skin diseases, allergies). During the examination, the doctor touches certain parts of the pubic area with a cotton stick.

Treating vulvodynia

Since the exact origin of vulvodynia is unknown, it is advised to combine more methods in its treatment, but the methods and their order must be determined individually.

Forms of treatment that are proven effective:

  • lifestyle change
  • using local products (female hormone, local anesthetics, lubricants)
  • psychotherapy
  • perineal muscle treatment with biofeedback technology
  • surgery


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