Recurrent cystitis
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Cystitis develops when bacteria in the rectum and on the skin of the perineum get first into the vagina then into the bladder, where they cause inflammation. When cystitis occurs more than twice a year we are talking about recurrent cystitis.

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The symptoms of prostatitis might be very diverse, ranging from mild pain around the alvine and the genital area to strong pain and fever. Painful and sudden premature ejaculation might also be an indicator. It primarily affects men under the age of 50. It is advised to visit a doctor with any tentative symptom. A treatment started in time can prevent a lingering problem.

Treatment of benign prostate enlargement
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Benign prostate enlargement is one of the most common urological diseases among men. The enlarged prostate puts pressure on the section of the urethra it encircles, therefore, the most typical symptoms are problems with urination.
Prostate cancer screening
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The importance of prostate cancer screening is indicated by the fact that prostate cancer is the second most common malignant cancerous disease in men. The symptoms are not clear-cut, they are similar to prostatitis and benign prostate enlargement. This means that it is advised to visit a doctor even with moderate symptoms. 

Phimosis in adulthood
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The reason behind phimosis in adulthood might be the fungal infection of the penis, other infections, allergies, inflammation caused by irritation, warts and their treatment, and some rare skin diseases of the penis. If phimosis reaches a certain level, circumcision surgery might become necessary.

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The reason of circumcision can either be medical or religious. During the surgery, the foreskin is removed from the penis, which can solve the problem of phimosis. Prevention is not widespread in Hungary, therefore, it is important to identify the symptoms.

Kidney stone
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Kidney stone is a disease that affects many people, and in its formation, lifestyle and hereditary factors also have a role.