Ultrasound of soft parts and lymph nodes

Using ultrasound, soft parts under the skin and lymph nodes can be examined in any part of the body.

Detailed elaboration

The ultrasound examination of soft parts under the skin and lymph nodes is done using high resolution picture technique. Using ultrasound, liquid and solid deviances can be differentiated.

Lymph nodes of the neck are examined together with the thyroid. You can read more about it here.
With Color Doppler examinations, the vessels of deviances can be explored, which provide further information in the case of inflammations and tumors.

When is the examination advised?

  • unidentified clusters
  • injuries of the soft parts (muscles)
  • suspected hernia

We would like to inform you that at Downtown Medical Center, we currently do not perform  ultrasound examinations of joints, tendon sheaths and breasts.


Preparation is not required, but before the examination, the area in question needs to be made available.

Limits, further examinations:

Opportunities of the examination depend on the location, size, and nature of the deviancy, and the technical parameters of the ultrasound machine.

Generally, the structure can be determined with high efficiency if the deviancy is bigger than 1 cm. Pictures can show smaller things, too, but their analysis is more difficult.

Surface deviances that only affect the skin cannot be examined with our machine.

Depending on the nature of the indicated deviances, a decision can be made about further examinations, or histological examination might be necessary.

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