Ultrasound examination of the scrotum

Ultrasound examination of the scrotum is done using a high resolution device which gives a detailed picture. The examination also includes the epididymis and the spermatic.

Detailed elaboration

Ultrasound examination of the scrotum makes it possible to examine the scrotum, epididymis and spermatic within the scrotum. Circulation of the scrotum, and the state of aortas and veins going into the scrotum can also be analyzed.

In what cases is the examination advised?

  • manually traceable deviancy, suspected tumor or cyst
  • pain in the scrotum
  • inflammations
  • injury of the scrotum
  • to indicate and examine fluids
  • it can be advised by an andrologist or urologist as part of an examination of the reasons of sterility, supplemented by the doppler examination of the veins of the scrotum
  • manually not traceable scrotum
  • checking progress after a surgery

One of the major aims of the examination is to identify whether a manually traceable deviancy is inside or outside of the scrotum, and that whether it is liquid or solid.

In case of sudden and severe pain of the scrotum, the twisting of the scrotum stem might be a possibility, which necessitates instant urological treatment.

The examination is painless, although in case of a severe inflammation or injury it might be uncomfortable or slightly painful, but not more so than if it is touched by anything in that state.


Not necessary. A full bladder might cause the examination to become uncomfortable, therefore the use of the toilet is advised beforehand. Before the examination, the scrotum must be made available.

Limits, further examinations

There are no technical boundaries, since it is an easily accessible, surface organ. In the case of confirmed deviancies, urological examination is required to discuss further treatment.

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