Laser treatment of vaginal dryness

The causes of vaginal dryness

Most frequently, the reason of vaginal dryness is the fluctuation of hormones. These fluctuations manifest themselves during pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, or even during the menstruation cycle. The painful intercourses and recurring infections caused by vaginal dryness make the life of many women miserable. Due to inadequate wetness, the lubricity of the vagina decreases, thus making sexual intercourse painful, and after a while accompanied by an itchy, burning feeling. Inadequate wetness can ruin not only intimate moments, but even make it painful to implement and remove tampons. The dryness and injuries of the vaginal wall provide an optimal foundation for infections.
RenovaLase is a unique, non-surgical, minimally invasive phototermic Er:Yag laser therapy, which provides effective help in the treatment of vaginal dryness.

How does the laser treatment of vaginal dryness work?

The RenovaLase treatment is based on laser induced treatment of the tissues of the vaginal wall. The laser applies a mild and controllable phototermic therapy. The heat enhances the generation of collagens, angiogenesis and fibroblast activity without ablative damage and pain. As a result of the treatment, the structure of the vaginal epithelium can be restored, the vaginal wall thickens, thus decreasing the symptoms of vaginal dryness.

Why do we recommend the RenovaLase treatment?

  • Because, according to patients' feedback, vaginal dryness ceases in almost 100% of the cases
  • There is no need for long-term ostrogen hormone treatment
  • The positive effect can be felt even after the first treatment

Important information before the treatment

  • The treatment cannot be done during menstruation
  • the treatment is the most ideal during the first week of the cycle
  • the treatment cannot be done during pregnancy
  • before the RenovaLase treatment, an examination is done to check for any infections
  • the treatment is always preceded by a cytological examination

Important information after the treatment

  • for a few days, swelling or discharge may occur
  • training and physical exercise are not advised for two weeks
  • it is not advised to lift heavy objects for 4 weeks
  • sexual intercourse should be avoided for a week
  • tampons should not be used for 4 weeks
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