Treatment of acnes and pimples

The treatment of acnes and pimples

The treatment of acnes and pimples require professional competence. This common skin disease is caused by the inflammation of the obstructed pores. They are the most frequent on the face, chest, back and shoulders. It primarily affects teenagers, but the problem can also develop during adulthood.

Do not start self-treatment, but visit a specialist, who can make pimples vanish without scars.

When is it advised to visit a doctor regarding the treatment of pimples?

If you see inflamed pimples on your skin, do not start self-treatment, because this often leads to the development of scars, and it is not effective. We often experience that our patients visit us after trying many different cosmetic products without any results. Put the problem into the hands of a specialist, who determines the individual therapy based on the type and severity of the case.

Book an appointment to our clinic, where out of the many options, the doctors choose the one that is best for you.

Treatment of acnes for teenagers

Due to hormonal changes, teenagers are the most affected regarding inflamed pimples. The appearance of acnes can leave deep scars not only on their skin, but on their soul as well. This makes it especially important to begin the appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

How does the treatment of acnes work?

During the first visit, the doctor examines the type and severity of the acne. They also explore the reasons, such as PCOS, dysfunctions of hormonal balance, dietary habits and lifestyle.

  • treatment with medication
  • prescribed creams and solutions
  • fractionated laser treatment
  • dietetic consultation


Making scars vanish along with pimples

Primarily due to inappropriate treatment, acnes can leave lasting scars. They can cause aesthetic problems especially on the face, possibly leading to inhibitions. At our clinic, we treat such scars with fractionated laser therapy, after a dermatological consultation.

Now you can get fractionated laser therapy at a discounted price.

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