Sinus infection

Why does it develop?

Sinus infection is usually a part of the disease of the upper respiratory tract. It is most frequently spread by viral droplet infections, but bacterial infection might also be in the background. Also, it might be caused by a bad tooth in the upper jaw.  Being prone to sinus infection changes individually.

Sinus infection is caused by the fact that the liquid produced in the paranasal sinus cannot empty itself due to the swelling of the nasal mucous membrane. Thus, the bacteria that are in the nasal cavity induce an inflammation because of the accumulation of this liquid.  

What are the symptoms of sinus infection?

In the first stages of sinusitis, the symptoms are those of regular cold. Due to the inflammation, the paranasal sinus closes off and the produced liquid accumulates. Common symptoms include headache and throbbing pain around the cheeks, radiating to the upper part of the skull. 
The snuffles is also a common symptom, originally followed by water-like, colourless nasal discharge. However, because of the disease, the nasal fluid might become coloured and thick.
Apart from the things mentioned above, common symptoms also include fever.

Are there factors that enhance the chance of becoming infected?

Yes, there are, which are the following:
  • crooked nasal septum
  • enlarged nasal tonsil
  • inflammation caused by an allergy
  • inflammation as a side-effect of a chronic disease (cyst, adenoids)

How is sinus infection treated?

In the case of bacterial infection, sinusitis is treated with antibiotics. In the case of viral infection, antibiotics are not needed, only the treatment of symptoms. This is done the same way as with patients with cold: nasal spray, keeping it warm, and staying in bed. If sinusitis is caused by a bad tooth, the treatment must be a joined one between the otolaryngologist and the dentist, as the tooth and the symptoms caused by it both need to be treated. In certain cases, the drawdown of the fluids might be needed.

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