Prenatal care for expectant mothers

The expectant mother has a lot of new experiences during this period, and among them there are moments full of joy but the fundamental fear of the unknown is always present regardless of the preparedness of the expectant mother.

Peaceful and comfortable circumstances

The optimal state for an expectant mother may be reached from different points of view. First the peace must be created at home and that is essentially the family members’ duty.
Besides requiring a medical background full safety should be provided both for the expectant mother and her baby. This safety is represented on the highest level by the Körúti Medical Centre with its experienced and specialized physicians and staff as well as its excellent technical background.
The choice of a centrally located physician’s office contributes to the expectant mother’s comfort to eliminate the complications related to traveling and the elimination of waiting between the examinations is just as important.
These facts don’t seem important at the beginning but as pregnancy progresses traveling and wait get more and more tiring for the body of the expectant mother. These inconveniences are eliminated in Körúti Medical Centre since the comfort and the peace of the expectant mother means a lot to us.
It contributes to the comfort of the expectant mother that in case of a complication, like e.g. the skin diseases in pregnancy she could be treated at the same office and she doesn’t have to bother with contacting another office. This opportunity is also provided to the expectant mothers.

Care or attention?

There are several ways to care for pregnant women so it gives plenty to think about for an expectant mother to choose the appropriate medical care for herself.
Besides the provision of the appropriate professional background, the excellent instrumentation and laboratory background for the expectant mother, she need much more. An expectant mother needs individualized consultations and health provision; these can guarantee exclusively for feeling secure about herself and her future baby.
There may be a need of asking questions from her physician during the consultations and a partnership with the physician in planning her birth.

Planning the birth

The care we provide is much more then just professional consultations during the pregnancy.
It is essential that the physician and the expectant mother should plan the birth together, especially in the case of first delivery when the expectant mother is preparing for a significant event she haven’t experienced yet and these will be probably the most important moments of her life.
The expectant mother and her baby are out of harm’s way when they are prepared for everything and fully supported professionally and humanly by the chosen physician and the excellent medical staff behind the physician.

The safety of the baby given birth

Every mother wishes to guarantee the best circumstances possible for her baby in his/her whole life; and the first station of this life is the delivery of the baby.
The delivery meanss pain and shock for both the baby and the mother in every cases, therefore it is determining to what extent this important station of their life is made easier by the background provided.
The “expectant mothers” of Körúti Medical Centre enjoy the best circumstances possible during and after the delivery performed in a university clinic and therefore represents the highest professional level.
The provided care following the delivery represents a superior class level too that may have a determining effect on the life of every mother and baby.
The background of the university clinic means an expressed safety for those expectant mothers whose pregnancy wasn’t free of problems or complications may be expected during or after the delivery.
The baby may be taken to the Neonatal Intensive Centre in case of emergency; this Centre is specialized on the examination and treatment of premature and ill babies where a neonatologist with the most reliable professional background guarantees the safety of the baby.
Every future mother trusts that her pregnancy and delivery will be free of complications; this may be contributed by the preparedness for the unexpected situations.
It is supplemented by the excellent medical professional preparedness and experience and the technical instrumentation of the highest standard we provide to every expectant mother turning to us.

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