Premature ejaculation

Andrologists are the specialists of "manly problems". Premature ejaculation also belongs here, and it can be treated effectively. The treatment is based on competence and a complex approach, which enables individual therapy.

The reason for premature ejaculation is very often psychological, but organic problems might also be in the background. The two can even go together, while uncomfortable experiences can make the problem worse.

As a first step, our andrologist specialists:

  • ask questions and examine the patient
  • assess the necessary examinations (blood test, urine test, etc.)

According to the results, the doctor plans the individual therapy, which might consist of:

  • medication
  • practical techniques
  • lifestyle advice
  • psychological consultation

It might be hard to accept that psychological reasons can be in the background, especially if someone is successful, confident and disciplined in other areas of life. Sexuality is a private topic, even more so if it involves frustration. Our psychologist can help in understanding the reasons and in offering practical advice.

If you cannot solve the problem on your own (or with your partner), it is not advised to keep experimenting at home, because failures might deepen the problem further, making it even more difficult to find a solution.

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