Penis color Doppler examination

What do Doppler, color doppler and duplex examinations mean?

The ultrasound is capable of examining the circulation and flow of vessels and tissues, too. This is done on the basis of the Doppler principle, which provides the umbrella term Doppler examinations. In principle, moving objects - such as the red blood cells of the circulating blood - reflect ultrasound at a different frequency from which it was emitted. The machine transforms the speed of circulation into a curve on the screen and audible sound, according to the frequency difference. One of its applied forms is Color Doppler, in which case the circulatory signals are transformed into colours by the machine. This, if done together with the analysis of circulatory curves, is called duplex ultrasound.

About penis color Doppler examination

Penis Color Doppler examination is suitable for exploring the circulatory dysfunctions of the penis. We perform it if it is advised by an andrologist. It is advised in those cases in which andrological examinations and other results suggest that the problem might be caused by circulatory dysfunctions. During the examination, the andrologist specialist injects the penis with an injection that increases local circulation. Then, we measure circulation waves with Color Doppler examination. The injection is prescribed during a previous andrological consultation, the patient needs to bring it to the examination. The patient receives a detailed information sheet before the examination, then he needs to give his assent in written form before the examination.

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