Patients opinions

General opinions

"Many highly competent doctors are available. The environment is comfortable, there is no need to wait for long either for the appointment itself or at the waiting room. They sent an SMS reminder about the appointment, which is a big help."

"At the clinic, I felt being cared for. Several doctors participated in finding a solution to my problems, which was successful, despite the problem lingering for such a long time in the past."

"I have visited the clinic more than once, and always received frank treatment. Outstanding professionals, comfortable atmosphere."

"I chose a private clinic to solve my problem, because for me, discretion is very important, as the nature of the problem was very intim. The clinic matched my expectations at every turn, and I was absolutely satisfied with the professional treatment."

"Comfortable environment, acceptable prices, short waiting time!"

"Originally, I would have needed to wait for a few days. However, in consideration of my urgent problem, the call center assistant called me back the next day with the news that an appointment became available. Thanks to this gesture, my problem could be treated in time."