Sinus infection
Sinus infection is a very common otolaryngological disease. It is most common among children, but adults can be infected as well. 
Nose-bleed is the most common symptom associated with the nasal cavity. There are many tiny capillaries within the nose, which, if burst, the nose starts bleeding. Nose-bleeding might be caused either by local reasons or a disease. 
Aviator's ear
Aviator's ear is one of the most common diseases related to the ear, it can occur either in childhood or adulthood, its gravity is varied. The inflammation is most often a complication of a viral cold, called catarrhal aviator's ear. There is also a category called purulent inflammation, which is caused by bacterial infection.  
Hay fever
Hay fever is a form of respiratory allergy. Typical symptoms of hay fever are for instance running nose, itching nose, sneezing, itching of the eyes, red eyes, itchy feeling in the throat.