Menopause and climax

Menopause and climax

Climax appears during the menopause. It is a natural biological state, evoked by hormonal changes. The activity of the ovary decreases during the late 30s, until eventually generating female hormones stops altogether. Menopause most often sets in between the age of 48 and 52, which is preceded and also followed by a 5-6 year time period called climax.

The symptoms of the time before menopause/climax:

  • irregular menstruation
  • heat waves
  • perspiration
  • discomfort
  • sleeping disorders
  • feeling heart palpitation
  • recurring headaches
  • dizziness
  • mood changes
  • emotional instability

The symptoms of the time after menopause/climax:

  • gaining weight on the stomach
  • hair becoming thin (including pubic hair)
  • vaginal dryness
  • sagging breasts 

When is it advised to visit a doctor?

If during the menopause/climax any of the above mentioned symptoms make your daily life difficult, it is important to visit a doctor to alleviate the symptoms.

Our gynecologist and endocrinologist specialists can offer professional help. During this period, the mucous membrane of the vagina and the urinary bladder is more vulnerable, inflammations and infections are more common. Our experienced STD specialists can also help with this problem. Dermatological advice might also be needed, since the skin becomes thinner and drier due to the lack of estrogen, which makes wrinkles more likely.

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