Labia rejuvenation with laser treatment

When can labia rejuvenation become necessary?

With the passing of time and after giving birth, the hormone level of women changes. Because of this, the epidermis of the vaginal orifice and the labia can become sagging and lose its elasticity, or even become discoloured. These changes can be really annoying and can lead to a lower self-esteem.

How does the treatment work?

Using an Er:YAG non ablative laser ray with the SMOOTH technology, it is possible to refresh and rejuvenate the epidermis of the labia and the vaginal orifice. With the laser treatment, the elasticity and tightness of the tissues can be regained, and the pinky hue of the discoloured surface can be restored.

Important information before the treatment

  • The treatment cannot be done during menstruation
  • the treatment is the most ideal during the first week of the cycle
  • the treatment cannot be done during pregnancy
  • before the treatment, an examination is done to check for any infections
  • the treatment is always preceded by a cytological examination

Important information after the treatment

  • for a few days, swelling or discharge may occur
  • training and physical exercise are not advised for two weeks
  • it is not advised to lift heavy objects for 4 weeks
  • sexual intercourse should be avoided for a week
  • tampons should not be used for 4 weeks
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