Laser treatment of incontinence

The origins of incontinence

Incontinence, which is having problems with urinary contience, affects many women. Despite the discomforts caused by urine dribble, many of them do not visit a doctor in time, but rather suffer for years. What is more, their situation worsens every day.
With the passing of time, the number of collagen fibers decreases, which affects the vaginal canal and the bladder, as well as other parts of the body. Urine dribble can not only be caused by the changing age, but also after giving birth.
However, using IncontiLase, mild and moderately severe mixed and stress incontinence can all be treated.

How does the laser treatment of incontinence work?

IncontiLase is a unique, non-invasive therapy method, which uses Er:YAG laser. The Fotona laser ray works at 2940 nm wavelegth, and with the SMOOTH technology, it exerts a thermal effect on the tissue of the vaginal canal. This stimulates collagen synthesis and reorganization in the area of the vestibula, the urethral orifice, and the anterior vaginal wall. Due to this, it induces the tightening of the connective tissues, while the strengthening of the collagen fibers supports the base of the bladder.

Why do we recommend the IncontiLase treatment?

  • Clinical research points out the effective and safe nature of the procedure
  • The treatment is done without cutting, and practically painlessly
  • Recovery time is extremely short
  • Usually, two treatments are enough for decreasing mild and moderately severe incontinence
  • 120 days after the treatment, almost 70% of the patients are symptom-free
  • There are no side effects

Important information before the treatment

  • The treatment cannot be done during menstruation
  • the treatment is the most ideal during the first week of the cycle
  • the treatment cannot be done during pregnancy
  • before the treatment, an examination is done to check for any infections
  • the treatment is always preceded by a cytological examination

Important information after the treatment

  • for a few days, swelling or discharge may occur
  • training and physical exercise are not advised for two weeks
  • it is not advised to lift heavy objects for 4 weeks
  • sexual intercourse should be avoided for a week
  • tampons should not be used for 4 weeks
Get rid of the frustration associated with urine dribble, book an appointment for the IncontiLase treatment and live your life to its fullest again! Call our patient coordinater, her phone number is +36 30 223 3633!

Watch our video about the treatment:

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