Infections by human papillomavirus
2016. 09. 05. 12:36 (Utolsó frissítés: 2018. 10. 18. 16:42)

The HPV (Human Papillomavirus) is the most common sexually transmitted viral infection worldwide; its symptoms appear on the mucous membrane of the outer and inner genitals, the rectum and the mouth in men and women.

The HPV cervical cancer connection
2016. 09. 05. 12:36 (Utolsó frissítés: 2018. 11. 08. 17:13)
Cervical cancer can be prevented 
1200 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year in Hungary and 500 die from the disease. All these are avoidable since the cause of this disease the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is detectable by a simple and reliable method.
Genital warts
2016. 09. 05. 12:36 (Utolsó frissítés: 2019. 01. 14. 09:41)

The HPV-virus is the cause of the development of genital warts. Treatment is long-term and uncomfortable, therefore inoculation against HPV is strongly advised.

New vaccination against HPV
2016. 09. 05. 12:38 (Utolsó frissítés: 2018. 11. 03. 15:03)

At Downtown Medical Center, the Gardasil 9 vaccine is available, which is the new vaccination against HPV, protecting against 9 types of it.

HPV infection in men
2016. 09. 05. 12:38 (Utolsó frissítés: 2018. 11. 03. 15:07)

HPV infection is very common. 80% of sexually active men get infected during their life. There are more than 40 types of HPV that can be transmitted sexually and which are able to infect the skin around the male genitals and the anus.