HPV infection in men
2016. 09. 05. 12:38 (Utolsó frissítés: 2020. 10. 27. 13:55)

HPV infection is very common. 80% of sexually active men get infected during their life. There are more than 40 types of HPV that can be transmitted sexually and which are able to infect the skin around the male genitals and the anus.

2020. 08. 11. 11:58 (Utolsó frissítés: 2021. 01. 19. 15:38)
HPV testing of asymptomatic patients is called HPV-screening. If we ask for an HPV test from a sample taken from a patient suffering from an HPV-related disease (genital wart, anal wart,  conditions preceding cervical cancer, oral cavity cancer, etc.), HPV-diagnostics is performed.
About HPV screening
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The majority of infected people are unaware of having it, since in the beginning, HPV does not cause either symptoms or problems. In these cases, the presence of the virus in the epithelial cells can only be detected by HPV screening.
About the HPV virus
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Human papilloma virus (HPV) is currently the most common sexually transmitted disease. The HPV virus, while proliferating in human epithelial cells, causes the development of benign or malign skin growths.
Genital warts
2016. 09. 05. 12:36 (Utolsó frissítés: 2021. 03. 03. 10:29)

The HPV-virus is the cause of the development of genital warts. Treatment is long-term and uncomfortable, therefore inoculation against HPV is strongly advised.

New vaccination against HPV
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At Downtown Medical Center, the Gardasil 9 vaccine is available, which is the new vaccination against HPV, protecting against 9 types of it.

Cervical cancer screening
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The aim of cervical cancer screening is to notice mutations that can lead to the development of cancer, as soon as possible. At our clinic, we follow the newest commendations. With the use of a new method, the sign of a malignant mutation within the cells can be identified even if the usual cytology smear examination would be negative yet.