Cervical cancer screening
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The aim of cervical cancer screening is to notice mutations that can lead to the development of cancer, as soon as possible. At our clinic, we follow the newest commendations. With the use of a new method, the sign of a malignant mutation within the cells can be identified even if the usual cytology smear examination would be negative yet.

Cervical lesion
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Mutations of the cervix are not to be taken lightly, they require treatment as soon as  possible. Be it cervical lesion, rupture, cancer, or some other mutation, book an appointment for an examination!

Gynecology for teens
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Our gynecologists provide the recommended annual gynecological screening, in-depth evaluation prior to family planning, contraception and treatment of patients with existing gynecological conditions.

Menstruation disorders
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Among menstruation disorders, there is irregular menstruation, the missing of menstruation, severe bleeding and uncomfortable complaints accompanying menstruation.

Polycystic ovary syndrome
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Polycystic ovary syndrome is one of the most common diseases, and it is very difficult to treat. It makes it difficult to get pregnant, thus making the life of many women and families miserable, but it is never too late to start treatment.

Menopause and climax
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At this time, the end of menstruation can go together with heat waves, excessive perspiration, discomfort and other symptoms. Visit a doctor to have the appropriate examinations and to alleviate the symptoms.

Prenatal care for expectant mothers
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Pregnancy or gravidity? An expectant mother can hardly wait for the moment when she can keep the baby in her arms for the first time. The nine months of pregnancy till the baby arrives may seem immensely long when an expectant mother is waiting for her first child.

Pelvic inflammatory disease
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The pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is a generic term for the inflammation of the female genitals located in the pelvis (uterus, Fallopian tubes, ovaries, ligaments of uterus). Since the simultaneous inflammation of all these organs together occurs only in very severe cases, it is advisable to identify them separately as accepted in medical terminology: inflammation of the cervix (cervicitis), the endometrium (endometritis), the Fallopian tubes (salpingitis), the ovarium (oophoritis), and separately the Fallopian tubes and the ovarium (adnexitis). Ovarian inflammation and catching a chill are accepted in everyday language.

Vulvodynia, or pubic pain
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Do you experience constant discomfort and pain around the pubic area? Vulvodynia most often appears after the critical age, and since nothing indicates any infections, and there are no other symptoms, an examination is necessary.

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Contraception is a difficult choice for most women in the fertile age. In order to find the one which is best for you, book an appointment with one of our gynecologist specialists!

Emergency contraception
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The most important thing is not to panic, because this can happen to everybody. With adequate medical care, the chance of undesired pregnancy is minimal. Our doctors are ready to welcome you!