Fractionated laser treatment

When is fractionated laser treatment advised?

Fractionated laser treatment stimulates the complete renewal of the skin surface. Patients often visit dermatologists with certain skin problems. In order to treat these effectively, sometimes changes with such deep effects are needed.

Fractionated laser treatment is an aesthetic intervention which makes it possible to remove or lessen the traces of bumpy skin surface, scars and the natural aging of the skin. Therefore, it is optimal for:

  • filling up scars
  • removing pigmented spots
  • decreasing the size of pores
  • making delicate wrinkles vanish
  • decreasing deeper wrinkles


Apart from correcting flaws of the skin, the treated area becomes tighter, smoother and altogether younger. A further benefit of the intervention is that it originates long term intensive renewal of the skin, making the effects long lasting.

Fractionated laser treatment requires professional expertise and care, as it is an invasive intervention, which is followed by a few days of healing of the skin. Therefore, it is only done following a dermatological consultation.

What exactly is fractionated laser treatment?

During fractionated laser treatment, we put point-like holes in the skin surface, the density of which varies according to the unique need of the skin. As a result of the treatment, not only does the surface of the skin renew, but also collagen and elastine production is enhanced in the deeper layers of the skin. Because of this, it is not only the surface that becomes more flexible, but the deeper parts as well. Regeneration after the treatment usually takes a week, which is followed by another week of mild exfoliation.

How does it differ from traditional laser treatments?

This form of treatment is incomparably gentler than traditional laser interventions that affect the entire skin surface. Not only are regular laser treatments more painful, but they also require a longer period of regeneration than their modern counterparts.

How does fractionated laser treatment work?

  • The treatment is done on an ambulatory basis. For a complete treatment of the face, approximately 40 minutes are enough, depending on the size of the treated area. Before the treatment, we examine the skin, plan the treatment, then apply local anesthetization, which takes about 30 minutes.
  • During the treatment, the doctor puts tiny holes in the skin using laser, which activates the tissues under the epidermis. This enhances the production of elastine and collagen, making the skin smoother and tighter.
  • It is very important to treat the skin properly after the intervention. After the procedure, a special mask is used to calm and hydrate the skin. We also give the patient advice and a special cream for home treatment. If needed, we can also provide cosmetic advice on everyday skincare.


To achieve ideal results, it is advised to repeat the treatment 3 times, with 4-6 weeks between them. The effects can last for a few years, but with 1-2 treatments each year it can be maintained permanently.

Fractionated laser treatment can be applied not just on the face, but other parts of the body as well, such as on the neck, hand, or for removing stretch marks.

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