Esthetic and corrective treatments

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Otoplastic is a common aesthetic surgery which helps correct projecting ears. Projecting ears can cause discomfort and inhibition not only during childhood, but in adulthood as well. Due to their position on the two sides of our face, ears have a major impact on our appearance. 
Earlobe correction
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Many reasons can necessitate this type of plastic surgery, such as too big, hanging, tagging, eversed or elongated earlobes.
Earlobe correction, or in other words, earlobe plasty is also available at our clinic.
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Rhinophyma is a common skin disease, which is characterized by a large, red, cauliflower-like nose. At our clinic, it is possible to treat rhinophyma with a surgery with which a nose shape very similar to the original can be achieved.
Tip rhinoplasty
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By about the age of 18, the final form of the nose takes shape. It can cause frustration, but if the shape and size of the nose is not in harmony with the rest of the face, it can even lead to confidence loss and escalate to a complex.
Fractionated laser treatment
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The fractionated laser treatment results in the complete and long lasting renewal of the skin surface. Thus, apart from treating wrinkles, pigmented spots and acne scars, it also rejuvenates the skin and makes it more elastic.