Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common chronic disease affecting many men. The chance of recovery is very good, and it is increased if the background is explored as soon as possible to start the appropriate treatment.

What do we call erectile dysfunction?

We consider it erectile dysfunction when the erect state of the penis required for sexual intercourse

  • cannot be achieved,
  • does not reach the ideal degree,
  • does not last for the necessary time period


And only if this problem persists for more than 3 months, or if it is recurrent.

What might be the reasons of erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can originate from organic or psychological reasons. Professional experience shows that these are often intertwined.

Organic reasons of erectile dysfunction might be:

  • hormonal
  • circulatory (more about Arteriograph examination and Penis Color Doppler Examination)
  • neural
  • anatomic
  • side-effect of medications
  • problems after a surgery


Psychological reasons of erectile dysfunction might be:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • relationship problems


At our clinic, experienced andrologist specialists can examine the reasons of erectile dysfunction, and provide appropriate treatment. If necessary, our psychologist is also available.

If you also suffer from occasional erectile dysfunction, book an appointment with one of our andrologists to be able to live your life to its fullest again!

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