Earlobe correction

Earlobe correction, or in other words, earlobe plasty is also available at our clinic.
Many reasons can necessitate this type of plastic surgery, such as too big, hanging, tagging, eversed or elongated earlobes. The size or shape of the earlobe can cause frustration and inhibition for the individual in question. The correction also offers a solution in these instances. 
The need for plastic correction of deformations caused by wearing heavy earrings is quite common. Nowadays, wearing big and heavy earrings is fashionable, but wearing these for an extended period of time might lead to elongated earlobes.
Even worse, if the earrings tear out, the earlobe can become ripped, thus making the correction necessary.
Another common cause is the need to remove the hole left after wearing ear stretches, the use of which is becoming a tradition, especially among young people these days. However, if we remove the ear stretches after a couple of years, the large hole that is left behind can become an aesthetic concern.

How is earlobe correction done?

The surgery is preceded by a consultation with the doctor. The earlobe plasty is done in local anesthesia, and it takes about 45 minutes.
If you are not satisfied with the size or shape of your earlobes, book an appointment with Zoltán Doleviczényi MD! 

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