Dermal surgery

Birthmarks, non-pigmented skin mutations

The removal of pigmented birthmarks requires care and expertise, therefore it can only be done after a dermatological consultation. In the case of non-pigmented birthmarks that protrude from the skin, there can also be ones that require special attention. The specialist can decide the best method for the removal of skin mutations.

Removal of pigmented birthmarks

The removal of pigmented birthmarks is a delicate matter, a dermatological examination is required beforehand. This is followed by a surgical excision and a histological examination.

Examination and treatment of non-melanoma type skin tumors
Non-melanoma type skin tumors most often develop on areas of the skin exposed to UV-radiation. Several types of these deviations are known, which are all treatable if recognized in time and a skin surgeon is contacted.
In-grown nail and nail bed plasty

The problem of in-grown nail most often affects the big toes, and it is highly uncomfortable, but treatable! In the case of an in-grown nail, fungal infections commonly develop, therefore, for the sake of faster healing, contact our specialists!

Surgical removal of fat lumps under the skin

Since fat lumps under the skin cannot be healed with creams and other methods, unfortunately only surgical removal can be a solution. Our highly experienced surgeons can relieve you of the irritating skin lumps painlessly and virtually without any trace.


How do warts delop? The common wart develops on the skin due to infection by the human papilloma virus (HPV). This virus can also infect the cells of the skin and mucous membranes.