What does the arteriograph examination provide information about?

The arteriograph examination provides information about the state of vessels (elasticity) and that of the heart.

How does the arteriograph work?

The examination is completely painless and only takes a few minutes. It is similar to measuring blood pressure: a cuff is secured onto the upper arm to measure pulse waves, which are analyzed by a computer. After the examination, the patient receives the result instantly, and the doctor also evaluates it. The examination is advised to be repeated every year.

What are the benefits of the arteriograph examination?

One of the major benefits is that even the smallest differences can be identified. This makes it possible to start the appropriate treatment much sooner, and also provides a way to check the success of the treatment.

Why is it advised in the case of erectile dysfunctions?

The cause of erectile dysfunctions is most often some circulatory problem. The arteriograph examination identifies whether the circulatory system is the reason behind the problem. If it is, then emphasis needs to be put on this aspect during the treatment. Dysfunctions of the circulation of the penis might be an early indicator of cardiological problems in the future.

How to prepare for the arteriograph examination?

  • 3 hours before the examination, do not consume big amounts of food, do not drink coffee, and do not smoke
  • before the examination, it is advised to drink a lot of pure water
  • do not drink alcohol 10 hours before the examination
  • If you regularly use medication, use it on the day of the examination as well. Please inform our doctor about any medication you are using.
  • Please bring any laboratory results or hospital discharge summaries from within the last 6 months!
  • If you come for a check-up appointment, please bring your previous arteriograph results for comparison!
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