About Us

By opening Downtown Medical Center, our aim is to create a medical center with high professional standards, where we can welcome our patients in a discrete and comfortable environment, according to booked appointments.

Our main profile is maintaining and restoring intim health, an area in which discretion is essential. We consider it very important that our patients should feel cared for and place their trust in us. Without trust, an honest conversation - which is the basis of healing - cannot be initiated.

Our basic idea is to look at the person as a whole, because health can only be interpreted in the balance of body and soul. If we experience that the soul also needs help, our clinical psychologist is also available to our patients.

If the solution of a problem requires it, our colleagues consult with each other. Our aim is to find the source of the problem, and not to let anyone go without a solution. Sometimes this requires patience on the part of the patient as well, and our task is to aid them.


We - most of us having our own family - can understand how difficult it can be to take a bit of time for ourselves. Our clinic intends to help with this, too. 

A children's corner is set up in the waiting room, where the little ones can play comfortably. In the women's restroom, there is also a changing table and a child's seat. We can also provide a room for breastfeeding, so you do not need to leave the baby at home, or find an alternative solution for feeding them.




For easier access, at Franklin Parking House, which is located in the nearby Reáltanoda Street, we provide discounted parking opportunity for our patients.

We have contracts with welfare funds, therefore we can accept certain welfare fund cards, too. Of course we accepct all type of ceredit cards and debit cards.


We are waiting to welcome you!

The doctors and colleagues of Downtown Medical Center